Frustrated with your life?

❌ Tired of struggling to shed those stubborn pounds? 
❌ Fed up with the endless battle against exercise? 
❌ Challenged to maintain a healthy lifestyle? 

We help you break or build habits by:

🏋️‍♀️ Saying what you’re going to do,
📅 when you’re going to do it, and
💰 what you’ll pledge if you don’t do it. 

Welcome to Sofie

Your Accountability Partner for Healthy Habits!

We have a 94% success rate

don’t just take our word for it — let us show you the lives we transformed.

How does it work?

Commit, share and pledge with accountability partners together!

Step 1

Sign a self-contract & join our accountability group.

Step 2

Hold yourself accountable by committing to pledge money for unfulfilled promises.

Step 3

Complete the promise, verify, and pledge if you fall short.

This is for you if...

You’re facing challenges to break or build new habits in the below catgories:

Fitness & Exercise

Are you tired of struggling to shed those stubborn pounds and build a routine.

Healthy Lifestyle

Do you find it challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle and want a change in your life.

Career Advancement

Progressing in your career can feel like an uphill battle, often associated with burnout and stress.

and many more..

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Why Sofie?

Accountability Buddies

People have a 65% chance of reaching a goal if they have an accountability partner. Sofie gives you an accountability partner and a community.

Financial Motivation

Financial stakes increase your chances of success by up to 3x. Just the threat of losing money is enough to motivate you to complete your tasks.

Questions? Here are the answers.

We work by having you set pledges, or tasks you want to complete by a certain time. If you don’t submit proof that you’ve completed the task on time, we take your money.

Each pledge is verified by a human, or by drawing data from Apple Health, iOS Screen Time, checking in with GPS, or RescueTime.

If your pledge remotely matches your description, we’ll approve it. Ie, if your description is “myself at the gym”, and you send a photo of a set of weights, we’ll approve it. If you find yourself cheating yourself, and sending a photo of your weight set at home, specify the name of the gym (ie, “45 Gym”), or a specific object that is only found at the gym. It’s easy to get the hang of!

Pledges works for pretty much anything you’d want to do, but just can’t stick to.

Here is a short list of some possible ones:
– Waking up on time (eg, a photo of your toothbrush).
– Working out (eg, a photo inside a gym).
– Reading (eg, a timelapse of yourself reading for 30 minutes).
– Meditating (eg, a timelapse of you meditating, any meditation app that syncs with Apple Health).
– Running (eg, a photo of you in your running shoes outside).
– Finishing an essay on time (eg, a photo of your essay submitted on your student portal).
– Walking the dog in the morning (eg, a photo of your dog on a park trail).
– Doing laundry (eg, a photo of your laundry in the washer).
– Getting to work on time (eg, check in with GPS at your work location).

If your photo/timelapse doesn’t match the description of your pledge, we’ll always reach out to you for clarification on what the image was before charging. Less than 5% of failed forfeits are due to incorrect evidence.

You can choose where the money goes, a spouse, a charity, a friend, a savings account or us.

You’d think that, but the success rate is well above 94% for most users. Just the threat of losing money is enough to motivate you to complete your tasks and have an accountability partner.

Almost all of them! We accept any currency.

You can delete any pledges within 10 minutes, and can use the appeals system to delete a contract if it’s not working for you (depending on your preset leniency mode).

Reach us through WhatsApp or Telegram – we typically respond within a few hours!

About Sofie

The Story

Hey! We’re Bhavya and Vanessa, who are excited to share our journey with you! Over the years, we’ve developed transformative habits like meditation, exercise, and healthy eating, greatly enhancing our lives.

However, despite our dedication, we face a common challenge: sleep quality. Vanessa sacrifices sleep for late-night work, while Bhavya struggles with a racing mind.

That’s why we’re committed to transforming our SLEEP and signing a Sleep Habit Contract with ourselves to form healthy sleeping habits that last and hold each other accountable.

Friends reached out to us to join with other challenges to improve their lives, then it started taking off from there 🙂

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You are a few minutes away from positively transforming your life.